Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that sometimes you get a little lost. Scan these quickly to find the answers to the common task you might perform on the AEUSP website.

Go to

Click on "Create New Account".

Fill in required information.

Click on "Create New Account" button.

You will receive an email stating that your account is in the process of being approved.

Once you receive the second email stating you are approved, copy and paste the link in the email and fill in the required information (including password).

Click on "Save and Login"

Click on the Incident Report button from the main AEUSP site page or fly out menu.

Click on "Add New Incident Report".

Fill in the title, description (include the incident date), attach any files or photos associated with the incident.

Enter a category name for your incident report (ie. Fire, Fall, etc)

Click "Save".

To comment on an active incident, click on the Incident Reports button on the main AEUSP site page or fly out menu.

Choose the incident you wish to view.

Scroll down to the bottom of the incident text to the "Leave a Comment" section.

Type your information/comments and click "Save"

Click on the Forum button from the main AEUSP site page.

You can post in any of the categories available. If you click on a topic that is already started you can scroll down to the bottom of the thread and you can post your comment by using the Comment box.

If you would like to post a new topic for discussion, choose the category by clicking on the title.

Click on "new topic"

Fill in the title, body of your post and click "Save"

You can return later to view any comments and you will be notified via email of any comments other members make on your post.

Click on the Links button from the main AEUSP site page.

Click on "Add new industry link".

Fill in the Link Title (Name of website) and hyperlink URL.

Select whether you would like this new addition to be included in the announcements section of the home page.

Click Save.

Go back to the Links button on the main page or from the fly out menu and make sure your link was added.


Go to the folder you would like to nest a new folder under

Click on "Add Document Folder"

Fill in the title of the folder

Click Save.



Choose the folder you would like to upload the file to

Click on "Add New Document File"

Fill in the title of the file and browse upload the file.

Click Save.

Click on the Surveys button from the home page of the AEUSP site.

Click on the "Add New Survey" button.

Fill in all of the missing information.

Click "Save"

Find your Survey in the list and click on the "Components" button. This will allow you to build your survey by dragging and dropping the components you require. You can click on each section and it will allow you to enter custom information.

Choose "EDIT" Click off Survey, Send Member Notification when Published and then choose Scheduling Options for publish and unpublish date.

You can select Save or Preview to view your Survey.

Return back to the Survey button on the home page to view the list of all available surveys. You can click on SUBMISSIONS | ANALYSIS | TABLE | DOWNLOAD to view your results.

Click on the Calendar button from the home page of the AEUSP site.

Click on "Add New Calendar Event" Fill in the event name, details, date, add any attachments you'd like to include and use the radio button to select whether or not you would like to notify all membership of your newly added event.

Click 'Save'.

Visit the Calendar page again to ensure that your event was created and is now showing on the calendar.